They're exceptional students. And with Intern Werks' experiential learning program, they'll blossom into exceptional professionals.

If you are a student, thanks for visiting our site. Most likely, you were directed here by Intern Werks as a candidate to learn more about us.  If you got here on your own, thanks for checking us out. We love hearing from students, so feel free to send us a message using our CONTACT US page.  

If you are an employer, please read the overview below to learn how we approach student recruitment.


Intern Werks is a retained search firm. We help our clients find individuals with the talent and attitude uniquely suited for their organization.  We identify candidates through referrals from influential contacts, including professors, career service offices, student organizations on campus, alumni associations, and non-profit service entities. 

After our clients select their interns, we help with on-boarding and orientation so everyone is ready to go on day one. Our Project Managers schedule touch point meetings with interns and supervisors to answer questions, discuss challenges, and propose solutions. The PMs also provide ongoing support to ensure learning objectives are met. At the end of the program, we assist with "off-boarding" to evaluate the program, obtain intern and supervisor feedback, and determine whether a full-time employment offer will be extended.


Our clients play an active role in the student recruitment process, beginning with the development of a customized job description. Our team helps to define learning objectives, identify meaningful work assignments, and establish program goals and outcomes.

We put our students through a rigorous evaluation including a resume review, two interviews, an occupational assessment, and reference checks. Our process includes 24x7 client access to recorded video interviews using digital technology. This allows our clients to collaborate when deciding which candidates to invite for on-site interviews. It also eliminates the need to send multiple company representatives to different universities to meet students on campus in the preliminary screening stage.


Most companies are placing a higher priority on hiring Millennials and Gen Zers. Over the past ten years, nearly half of all entry-level jobs were filled by new college graduates. And employers are using internships to find these workers. About two-thirds of all college students complete at least one internship before they graduate, and nearly 67% of these interns receive offers for full-time employment. 

But in the nomadic world of the Millennial and Generation Z workforce, there is a decreasing sense of loyalty to the organization. Job-hopping is the new normal for members of this workforce segment, who expect to stay at their job an average of less than three years.  So selecting the right student is critical. We share the same goal as our clients – a successful transition from the classroom to the workplace. We want each internship program to be the career launch point for a highly engaged and productive employee who will stay longer and contribute more to your organization.  

Intern Werks recruits students who perform at a high level, and who demonstrate a balance of academics, extracurricular activities and community service. But most importantly, we look for students who care a great deal about relationships and the welfare of others. The quality of the relationship between an employee and his or her manager determines the overall level of organizational commitment.