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If you are a Career Services office interested in partnering with Intern Werks, please send us a message using the form on this page.  For other inquiries, please go to our CONTACT US page.  To learn more, read the overview below.


For our methods to make sense, you must first understand our motives. We connect university students and employers who embrace a values-based culture, and help the master the transition from college campus to professional workplace.  And we use a highly structured internship program to introduce both the employer and the student to the philosophy and principles of servant leadership. We believe this approach can be used to build a more engaged workforce, and create a competitive advantage for our clients.      

We identify our clients primarily through referrals, and we obtain their promise to abide by the conditions of our internship program. These include paying interns a competitive wage, assigning them meaningful work experiences, and supporting their learning and performance objectives.

Once we build our client's program, we recruit their intern. We partner with career service offices, student organizations, alumni associations, and other groups who have access to the type of students who meet our clients’ standards. You can learn more about our student profile by going to the STUDENTS page of our website.   

Your role would be to promote these internship opportunities to your students using your institution's existing procedures. There are no resume databases, applications, or fees involved whatsoever.  All we ask is that you give thoughtful consideration to the students at your institution who might be interested in a unique and highly rewarding internship experience. 


There is no contract to sign. Intern Werks will never use your name, brand, or any other asset in our marketing materials. All that is required is for you to provide us with some information using the form on this page.

Then, whenever we contact you regarding an internship opportunity for one of our clients, and you provide them with the means to contact us. You never have to provide any student data directly to Intern Werks.


We know that most students will complete at least one internship during their college experience. But the truth is that the quality of these internships varies greatly, and students often are disappointed with the results. Many employers fail to hire their interns upon graduation because of unmet performance expectations. Or worse, they don't intend to use the internship for anything more than a cheap source of temporary labor.

We identify employers who are serious about building an outstanding experiential learning program. They are committed to guaranteeing that each intern will receive insightful instruction, meaningful work experience, professional mentoring, and personal accountability. The ultimate goal is clear: full-time employment upon graduation. And that is a goal that all of us – career services, the student, the employer, and Intern Werks – have in common.


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