The Intern Werks Fundraising Program

If you are a Catholic K-12 education institution, ministry or foundation, or a Catholic university alumni association or club with a scholarship fund, and are interested in fundraising, please send us a message using the form on this page. For other inquiries, please go to our CONTACT US page. To learn more, read the overview below. We encourage you to review our entire website to fully understand our approach.



At Intern Werks, our primary purpose is to help companies build great college internship programs. But we strive to do so much more. So we've combined the market-driven approach of a traditional business with a social mission. We direct our profits back to our clients' communities. The money is intended to be used specifically for tuition grants and scholarships for families who desire but could not otherwise afford a Catholic education.

Our internship programs introduce college students and business organizations to the same principles of servant leadership taught in your Catholic schools and ministries. We hope to inspire a group of highly engaged young professionals and employers to build better organizations and a more just and caring world. And we hope to inspire your corporate donors to build better communities through expanded access to fully-funded Catholic education.   


We looked for the simplest way to direct money to Catholic education. There are many options, including cause-related marketing alliances, commercial co-ventures, sponsorships, and fundraising partnerships. We chose none of these. Intern Werks does not offer any legal or tax advice, so we strongly recommend that you consult with your legal and tax advisers regarding Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI) and possible impact to your tax-exempt status.  But we believe fundraising approach offer a simple, straight-forward and effective way to grow your scholarship and grant program.

You simply direct your existing contacts to our website; we do the rest.  We're looking for local business leaders who want to hire a college intern, and who are interested in learning more about introducing or expanding servant leadership in their organization. You inform them that Intern Werks will give your institution, ministry or foundation $1,500 for each signed agreement. When our retainer fee is paid, we send you a check immediately. If your donors would rather pay the $1,500 directly to you, or take advantage of a state scholarship tax credit program, that's fine. In that case, we would simply deduct the $1,500 from our price.

Intern Werks will not ask you, your students or parents to pay for anything or sell anything. We will not ask you to share your donor list to us, nor solicit your donors for business on our behalf. And your name, brand and assets will never be used in our corporate marketing materials. All we ask is that you respect and support the commitment that we've made to our students, employers and university partners.


The process begins as soon as you provide us with some basic information using the form on this page. 

Intern Werks is the perfect way to leverage your existing list of prospective donors and sponsors, parents, and alumni who want to support your institution. And you can offer them a very unique value proposition for supporting faith-based education, promoting the principles of servant leadership, and creating significant economic value for their organization.  


Saint Teresa of Calcutta once said, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

We know you have many of options for reaching your financial objectives. But we hope you choose to work with Intern Werks for a simple reason. Together, we can unite those who share a keen sense of what is right, and empower them to serve the communities to which they belong.  


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