Intern Werks Provides Affordable Recruiting and Program Management for SMBs. Elite Internship Candidates from Nations Top Universities

CARY, Ill., Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Companies that plan to offer summer 2016 internships need to get the ball rolling today, according to Intern Werks President and Founder Vaughn Emery. A recently launched company with a nationwide service capacity, Intern Werks' purpose is to provide start-to-finish intern program management for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Our mission is to help our clients attract exceptional interns, transform them into workforce-ready professionals, and hire them to generate a return on investment measured not only in financial terms, but in the immense value created through a culture of competence, accountability, service and humility," says Emery. "We believe in the principles of servant leadership, and that a carefully selected and developed employee can inspire an entire workforce to perform at a higher level."

The value proposition of Intern Werks is its ability to connect SMBs with the same network of talent accessible to large firms, which often deploy on-campus recruiting programs – an impossible expense for the majority of the nation's small businesses. Intern Werks provides an affordable, start-to-finish solution to this challenge.

"Many of these companies can't offer the extravagant perks and above-market compensation larger organizations use to lure interns from top-tier universities," explains Emery. "However, they shouldn't have to settle for job board matchmaker software solutions, mediocre candidates, hastily constructed assignments or job auditions that fail to conclude in an offer for full-time employment upon graduation. Students are looking for meaningful work experience, and employers want to find that next high-potential star. A well-designed internship can accomplish both objectives."

The Intern Werks advisory board develops tailored learning programs as part of creating the level of skill enhancement that employers expect. Meanwhile, the company's recruiters dig deeper than GPAs and majors. Intern Werks seeks out internship candidates who have shown exceptional leadership skills and a strong sense of community service. Candidates are generally referred by student organizations, alumni associations and campus career service offices.

A Career Builder survey of employers revealed that 65% of them intended to hire new college graduates, primarily for entry-level positions. Internships, whether paid or unpaid, often serve as a prelude to full-time employment, assuming the intern and the organization are a satisfactory match. Intern Werks dedicates ample resources at the recruiting phase to ensure a good match.  

Starting in 2016, Intern Werks has the ambitious goal of placing at least 100 interns each year. The company charges no placement fees for interns converted to full-time employment. Likewise, in the event an intern is not offered full-time employment, Intern Werks will conduct another candidate search at no charge.